Pit Boss Pellet Grill Troubleshooting: Pit Boss Error Code Err

Pit Boss Pellet Grill Troubleshooting: Pit Boss Error Code Err

Pit Boss Grills are well-known for their versatility and unfailing efficiency. They also have the ability to last for many years. Pit Boss Grills can occasionally experience some problems, just like other household appliances.

Pit Boss pellet grill troubleshooting is possible if you are experiencing a “Pit Boss” problem. Here is everything you need to know about Pit Boss pellet grill troubleshooting:

Grill Won’t Start

Several components can be fixed if your Pit Boss is not turning on. If your Pit Boss is not heating up, the first thing you should do is make sure your power outlet is working and that your unit is plugged into.

If it doesn’t, unplug the Pit Boss and then re-plug it, making sure that your GFI circuit does not trip. If it does not reset, check the circuit breakers.

Next, switch the temperature dial to the “Off” setting and move it back to the “Smoke” function. You will see the LCD screen of your grill turn on, indicating that everything is fine. Contact the manufacturer if the GFI trips.

If the grill doesn’t start, take out the grease tray and cooking grates. Next, check the igniter. Replace the 5-amp fuse at the back of your control panel if the grill does not turn on. Contact customer service if the igniter fails again.

The auger can also be checked. You can also check the auger to make sure it’s not feeding pellets into your firebox. This is the best solution for Pit Boss 820 problems. You should contact the manufacturer if the control panel appears to be defective.

Grill won’t ignite

If your Pit Boss is not lighting up, be careful. Pit Boss can help you determine the cause of your grill not lighting up after 18 months.

If your grill is old, you can check the igniter and then follow the instructions. If your Pit Boss is still lit, you will need to replace it.

A grill does not produce smoke

Pit Boss might not smoke, so you may assume the smoker is damaged and needs to be replaced. This could be due to a problem with the temperature, pellets, or firepot. The ideal temperature for a firepit is between 60F and 90F, with a P4 setting.

Cooking at a lower temperature (around 225F) will produce more smoke from your grill. As damp pellets will not produce smoke, make sure they are dry and free from clumping.

Grill Temperature Issues

Many novices struggle to get their smoker to maintain a constant temperature. There is a good chance your Pit Boss isn’t reaching the right temperature.

You will need to inspect the firepot and the airways for obstructions. Also, make sure you check the fan to ensure it is functioning correctly. You should replace the burner pot if it has any holes or is eroded.

Sometimes the temperature isn’t high enough due to a low supply of pellets. You can add more pellets, but make sure they’re not damp or ancient.

The P setting is too low if the Grill is too hot for the Smoke function. This is how to adjust Pit Boss grills’ P settings.
Make sure the temperature dial is set for Smoke.

Next, push the P setting button to increase the level. This will increase the interval between each pellet cycle and reduce the ambient temperature.

LCD Screen is Blank

This is usually caused by your pellet grill not being plugged in. People are often distracted by firing up the Grill and forget to do this first step. Check that your outlet is working and that your Grill is securely plugged into the socket.

If the screen remains blank after plugging in the grill, it could be that the circuit board fuse is terrible and must be replaced. The instructions in your user manual will include a diagram to help you visualize the process.

Also, a blank screen could indicate that the GFI is tripped. Check that all connections and components are clean and that there is no heat buildup.

Find out the minimum amperage required for your GFI service. It must be at most 15 amps to run your Pit Boss pellet stove.

Last, check your extension cord. A 25-foot or less length extension cord is recommended for pellet grills. An excessively long cord can cause the grill not to receive enough voltage.

Grill Displays Pit Boss Error Code Err

Pit Boss error codes can be resolved by unplugging the Grill and restarting from scratch. Be sure to check the temperature sensor before you connect it to the power socket.


An ErH indicates that the temperature and heat control are not working correctly. Turn off the Grill if it is heating up.

After letting it cool down, light the Grill again and remove some pellets. This code could also indicate that there is a grease fire in the cooking chamber.

Excess fuel can cause overheating. This issue can be fixed by turning off the grill and removing the pellets from your firebox.

Before you begin to remove the pellets, ensure that the grill has had time to cool off. You can also clean the rest of the interior and make sure that everything is in order.

A grease fire in your cooking chamber might cause you to get an ErH message. If this happens, turn the grill off immediately. Wait for the flames out. If they do not extinguish, you may have to spray them with baking soda or kosher Salt.

Once you have determined that the problem is overheating, turn the dial to OFF. This will clear any error messages and allow you to open the grill lid. Set the dial to your preferred temperature after waiting a while.

The ErH message may be caused by a bad connection between the temperature control system and the probe wire. You should inspect the wire for any damage and ensure it is securely attached to the control panel.


An ErP, on the other hand, means that the temperature dial was not turned off when the Grill was connected. This safety feature prevents the Grill’s accidental lighting.

Switch the temperature dial to the “Off” setting to fix it. After waiting a while, turn the dial back on to your preferred temperature.

Grill Auger Isn’t Moving

An auger jam or block could cause a motionless auger.

If the pellets inside the tube absorb enough humidity, an auger jam can occur. The auger will become stuck in place due to a solidified lump of pellets. This will cause the auger motor to stop being able to rotate it.

You can check the fan blade attached to the auger motor to confirm that the auger is not jammed. To do this, you will need to either remove the bottom hopper’s access panel or take the shell off of the hopper.

The tiny fan will spin when the auger is jammed. When you turn off the grill, the fan blade will begin to unwind and spin backward a few times. You will need to remove the blocked auger from the grill.

Pit Boss Customer Care can help you determine the problem if your auger isn’t jammed.

Flashing temperatures

The temperature will flash on the control board screen of your grill’s unit if it is below 150F. This will happen until the grill heats up enough.

This flashes when the temperature drops suddenly or extremely. It also lets you know when the fire is about go out.

Flashing dots

The igniter is activated when you see flashing dots on the control board screen. Five minutes after starting, the igniter will stop.

These flashing dots will disappear once the grill has adjusted to the selected temperature. This is the smoke setting used for barrel-style pellet grills.

Some grills come with a relighting function that allows the igniter to turn on again if the temperature drops below 130F. The flashing dots will return once the igniter has turned on again.


Flare-ups can be both irritating and dangerous, especially when they escalate into a full-blown grease fire.

When cooking food with a lot of greases, it is essential to keep the temperature below 350°F.

Pit Boss Pellet Grill Troubleshooting FAQs

What should I do if my grill fan isn’t turning?

It would help to inspect the fan blades for obstructions as they can block the fan’s ability to turn. Also, make sure to test the power supply to ensure that your unit is running at maximum power.

How Often Should I Clean My Pit Boss Grille?

After each use, your grill should be cleaned gently and maintained. After you’ve used up the pellet bag, it is time to clean your pit grill.

What does the P-Setting mean for Pit Bosses

The “P” setting is for PAUSE. You can increase the pause between pellet cycles by increasing the “P” settings. This can cause additional smoke as you hold onto pellets longer, which results in lower temperatures.

You can read this article about Pit Boss P Setting here.

How do I know when it is time to replace the pit boss fuse?

A blown fuse could be the reason your grill won’t start up or ignite properly.

Last Thoughts

Pit Boss Pellet Grill Troubleshooting is easy if you know what to do. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department. You should be able to get the problem addressed by them so that you can enjoy your grill again.

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