Best Microwave Under $100 [Best Cheap Microwave 2024]

Microwave ovens are extremely practical, simple to use and extremely versatile. They can make your life much simpler and stop the waste of food. Cook your meals and heat, remove the lunch you had yesterday, and enjoy it in new condition.

There’re many aspects to be considered when purchasing microwaves, and spending less than $100 is the best way to buy an affordable model that won’t break the budget.

If you’re still unsure which one is the best microwave under $100 for you, look at our top list of best microwaves for under $100. These microwaves have been evaluated by customers and have many options to meet the needs of different people.

Top 10 Best Microwave Under $100 [2024 Reviews and Buying Guide]

Toshiba EM925A5A BS Microwave Oven – Toshiba 0.9 Cu Ft Microwave [Top Rated]

The number one item on our list is an excellent microwave from Toshiba. This microwave is so good that it has won “Best Budget” in our comprehensive roundup of top microwave brands.

Toshiba is a top brand for all-purpose microwaves great for all-purpose use. This means a simple design that can do the job without overburdening you with useless features that you’ll never need.

It’s a decent 900W power, which is a respectably quick cooking time and comes with helpful features such as Eco mode, Mute function, and various options for presets.

The company has a reputable image regarding the durability and reliability of microwaves. The microwave oven isn’t an attractive appliance.

Most people would rather buy something that can be tucked away on the counter in the middle of the room and performs its job quietly for a decade without any issues. Toshiba does the trick in this regard.

The design isn’t to all people’s tastes. Nowadays, the fashion for microwaves at home is sleek black steel that looks stylish and modern. By contrast, Toshiba could appear old-fashioned in the eyes of some.

However, it doesn’t impact the user interface that it is easy to comprehend the function of each button and is very simple to operate.

The computer I’ve linked is quite affordable at less than 100 dollars, so you could save some money by selecting this model.

If you’re looking for a little more value, then the second model by Toshiba (1.2 cubic feet) is just as amazing in all of the same areas, but it has more space and power and the amazing feature of intelligent sensor heating. The temperature is a bit above the 100 mark, however.

Farberware FMO11AHTPLB Microwave 1000 Watts [Best Pick]

The Farberware Classic 1.1 Cubic is rated very high on Amazon because of its affordable price and excellent quality. While the oven isn’t huge, it still has plenty of space to utilize. The oven looks attractive and is a perfect fit for our kitchen. The good thing is that it is simple to clean.

Having the power of 1000 Watts, this oven is strong enough to fulfil your needs. Its consistent speed can facilitate cooking without a constant ringing alarm, even if you do not remember to take the food out.

One thing to remember is that it is simple to use since it is equipped with short commands that help to personalize the way you use it. It also has a memory feature that allows you to save the settings of your recipe.

Comfee Microwave Oven EM720CPL-PM With Sound On/Off

Comfee EM720CPL-PMB is a top-quality microwave produced by the MIDEA Company. One of the main benefits that customers get every day from MIDEA Company is top-quality products manufactured safely, with the highest performance, sustainability and a guarantee of durability.

This particular oven has 0.7 cubic feet of cooking space and 11 power level settings that allows the cook to cook effectively. The stainless steel style microwave is ideal for a tiny kitchen. Still accessible for those with a small budget.

If you want to receive the most value with the most efficient microwave that costs less than $100, this affordable budget can meet your requirements with outstanding performance and essential features.

The EM720CPL-PMB isn’t just loved for its outstanding efficiency but it’s also for its attractiveness on the market.

It’s not equipped with a modern style or traditional design; it is a beautiful microwave that is a great choice for its appeal. This oven size is ideal for any kitchen and will look impressive on your countertop.

It’s very simple to operate the control panel system beneath the display. The top microwave-related function comes with six pre-set cooking programs, including popcorn, potato, pizza, reheat, and frozen vegetables to prepare meals. Additionally, it comes with an option to defrost.

It comes with a wonderful feature that’s called the mute function. Many times, moms take their children into the kitchen as they cook.

Therefore, you can switch off the sound or silence your cooker by using the Button to turn off or on the Button on your control panel.

Commercial Chef Microwave 700 Watt CHM770B [Best Budget Microwave Countertop]

Chef CHM770B Countertop microwave is a top microwave with various great features. It has a simple dial control panel and a capacity of 0.7 cubic feet.

The microwave has an elegant and simple design. Its dimensions are 7.5″ H x 10″ W x 13.25” D. It weighs just 14 lbs.

It’s an affordable alternative for those wanting to reduce counter space and money in the process without sacrificing performance or power.

This Chef CHM770B Microwave Oven is available in black, which makes it simple to blend into your kitchen’s decor. This microwave oven doesn’t take up much space on the countertop and will take away any precious kitchen space because of its small dimensions.

This microwave is very powerful since it cooks food in a shorter time than other microwaves. Its cooking power is 700 watts. It also cooks quickly.

It is made from stainless steel, and it looks elegant. The appliance also comes with an electronic sensor that provides power levels automatically during cooking.

Commercial Chef CHM660W 0.6 Cubic Foot Microwave [Best Budget under $100]

This small Commercial Chef oven may not be the most elegant appliance around. However, it’s certainly one of the most simple to operate and is the second-lowest priced microwave we have on our list.

It was developed for those who have difficulty working with microwave ovens by simplifying features that users often struggle with, such as complicated buttons and difficult-to-read numbers and directions.

Two simple knobs replace the keypad: the top knob lets you select the power settings, while the bottom knob regulates the heating duration.

The white hue on the dial was selected to make it easier for those with visual impairments to read the numbers that appear on dials.

It’s also extremely energy-efficient, as any electronic indicator on it won’t use any energy when not being used.

Panasonic 9 Cu Ft Microwave [PANASONIC NN SB438S]

Panasonic strives to create affordable kitchenware that will meet every budget. This microwave is an example of this.

At less than $100 at the time of purchase on Amazon, the appliance still gives an array of outstanding features. It’s a multi-functional appliance that will fit into any kitchen, regardless of its size.

Due to its compact design, it can be placed on any countertop without difficulty. Its dark-coloured tint makes it look like a stunning piece like a kitchen appliance.

It features an internal light source to distinguish its design from the other appliances in your kitchen to increase clarity.

When the power shuts off while cooking, the food won’t become cold, even if you let it sit for about ten minutes; this feature will help maintain the temperature and doesn’t cause overcooking of the food.

Unlike other microwave ovens featured in this review, this one features seven pre-set Auto Cook options. The turntable measures 10.6 inches long, enough to fit your largest dishes. The power output of 900 W ensures that food is cooked evenly.

Toshiba EM925A5A SS Microwave Oven – 0.9 cu ft Microwave

For less than 100 dollars, you can purchase one of the top countertop microwaves with a bigger capacity but still compact dimensions (this one is in between mid-sized and compact).

With the power of 900 watts and ten levels, the 0.9-cubic feet oven’s functions include LED displays and a timer for the kitchen, six auto-programs, including popcorn, pizza, and potatoes, one-touch start defrosting according to weight or duration.

Users with multiple people in their households have said they are very happy with the option to mute this microwave. You can use the safety locking feature if you have young children at home.

Red Microwave 1000 Watt FMO11AHTBKN – 1.1 Cu. Ft. Microwave Oven

It’s Farberware Classic FMO11AHTBKN Microwave Oven is slightly larger than the amazon basic. With 1.1 cubic inches, it’s able to accommodate around five people.

It’s priced mid-range, expensive compared to Amazon Basics or seeking an affordable microwave, but its features and size make the cost worth it.

It also has the capacity of 1000 watts, which is great to speed up microwaving. The increase in the wattage will improve the time of cooking.

It’s ideal for use at home, but as most budget-friendly microwaves are available, it has the basics compared to expensive microwaves.

Another benefit to this model is that it comes with ten power controls. This means you can alter or increase the microwave’s temperature by ten levels. The controls can be adjusted between 10 and 100 percent.

It’s red with a sleek metallic front and digital controls, giving the oven a stylish appearance. The oven is also equipped to detach the turntable, making it simple to clean the oven.

If you’re searching for a moderate-sized model with a reasonable price, this is among the best microwaves under $100.

Galanz 0.7 cu ft retro blue microwave GLCMKA07BER-07 [Best Cheapest Microwave-Small Size]

You can bring an old-fashioned look to your kitchen with just $$ by using the Galanz microwave. Its 0.7 cubic feet of space and 700 watts will handle most reheating tasks. It has an electronic clock.

You may also appreciate the analog dial for setting the cooking time or changing the preset options. If you’re looking to complement the style of your kitchen, It is available in black, blue, and red colors.

Emerson Griller Microwave Oven MWG9115SB [1.2 CU. FT. 1100W]

Emerson has a stunning countertop microwave oven that adds the perfect look to your contemporary kitchen. It comes in stunning black color, with a stainless steel body and a touchscreen interface for the user.

It comes with a 1.2 cubic feet capacity, which offers a spacious cooking area, and has a metal front with a cabinet in black.

It is possible to defrost using a weight function which allows the device to automatically determine the time and power level by entering the amount of weight you put on your food item.

By using 11 levels of power, you’ll get one pure power level for your grill. You can choose from 9 different settings for fast cooking, including typical foods such as popcorn, pizza, frozen veggies, meat, drinks, and more. It is easily controlled with just a click of a button.

How To Choose Best Microwave Under $100?

Let’s talk about the factors to consider when selecting the best microwave under $100! It is all about your individual preferences to make the best choice. Everyone has various needs and budgets.

Before you purchase, please take a look at the instruction manual for the item to be sure that it’s easy for you to operate or is not.

Since this article is about the top microwaves that cost less than 100 dollars, let us be focusing on the performance and the convenience.


The majority of under $100 microwaves are single choices. There are no Convection or Grill features here.

Less expensive ovens typically contain fewer options. You’ll unlikely locate a grill, convection, and toaster oven microwave for less than $100.

Multiple-function microwave ovens cost more but are also available in more elegant models that can allow for multiple functions.

You could need as much as $300 to buy an oven with a grill or convection. Convection ovens with these functions come with two controls and heating options for additional applications. This means that the price is based on the functions.

It is also important to note that you won’t find it here if you’re searching for microwaves that use inverters.

Inverter microwaves feature an inverter circuit that regulates the amount of power supplied to the food smoothly and, therefore, helps ensure consistently good results.

Unfortunately, the technology is usually used on the higher-end models.


Most microwaves will be 700-watt or 1,000-watt, with the one that is more robust and capable of heating things faster.

If you choose an oven that’s not strong enough could have to cook your food for a longer time to achieve the same result as you would with a more powerful oven.

This can result in unfavorable results, like dry and hot food in some areas and then lukewarm and soggy in other places because it has been exposed to microwaves for a long time.

If you’re buying microwave ovens to use only occasionally, it’s likely to be able to do by using a smaller and less expensive model if you plan to use it more often and will find a 1,000-watt model more beneficial.


The size of the microwave is essential, not just to determine the space on your counter or the microwave’s shelf but also to determine if the things you’d like to place in it can fit.

Many people bring home the most affordable oven they can find from the supermarket only to discover later that it doesn’t accommodate their dinner plates or the huge container in which the leftovers are usually kept.

The sizes of microwaves are typically described by cubic feet. Those with 1.2 cubic feet or greater can fit on most standard-sized dishes and containers.

If you’re unsure what size you need, try using the height, width, and depth measurements supplied by the maker to determine which model is appropriate to meet your requirements.


Even the most inexpensive microwave ovens today come with lots of innovative features. Also, considering your preferences will help determine if a less powerful oven that connects to Alexa can meet your needs or if you should opt for an oven that doesn’t accept voice commands. However, it can make a delicious baked potato.

Suppose you’re too busy looking at ovens that appear to have a single button for each food category. Do not forget that most experts think that these fancy microwave settings don’t perform as effectively as they’re supposed to.

Certain features, like child locks, aren’t as awe-inspiring and may prevent accidents. They can aid parents with children to have security.

Auto-set Menus

The most affordable microwaves will typically come with around six pre-programmed menus that include popular food items, such as popcorn, pizza, or drinks.

The menus allow you to cook quickly and effortlessly without guessing the temperature or timer. The more menus that a microwave can offer, the more convenient and efficient it will be for you. Lookout to find this option!


Turntables rotate food to ensure it cooks evenly. Without them, you’d need to stop cooking halfway through to flip your plate. Certain models move from side to side. They are also easier to wash.

Being Eco-friendly

Nowadays, people are concerned about environmental issues. So, it is possible to consider a microwave with an eco mode. This will allow you to conserve energy and lower your expenses.


The location is determining the location you would like to place the microwave. It could be placed on the counter. Over-the-range microwaves feature an exhaust system and can be installed above your cooking stove.

Built-in microwaves are equipped with cabinets that surround them. Microwave drawers are also in the same category. Select the microwave according to the area and the installation.

Noise Levels

If you’re not sensitive to the rumbling motor sounds of the appliance, it won’t be a bother for you. If you prefer peace while cooking, you must select a microwave that does not roar when food is spinning around the table.

Verdict [Best Microwave Under $100]

In this article, we’ve examined the top microwaves for under $100.

One thing to remember is that a lower budget can afford the basic microwave. The available microwaves will usually be small in capacity and have an unsatisfactory power rating.

However, they are perfect for small spaces and those who require an available microwave for tasks such as defrosting or reheating.

FAQs [Best Microwave Under $100]

  • What Is The Smallest Microwave You Can Buy?

The smallest microwave that’s functional and compact is 0.5 cubic feet. The small size of the microwave will not make a huge mess of counter space. However, it can accommodate a 10-inch dinner plate.

Additionally, you will be able to cook many meals or defrost them and certain cook foods. If you plan to purchase the most compact microwave, it should be small with an elegant design.

However, it shouldn’t be so small that you cannot cook with it since it does not serve the purpose of the microwave.

  • Do you think a microwave with a flatbed is superior to turntables?

However, the microwaves released bounce around in the cavity with slightly different angles than an asymmetrical microwave. One of the main advantages of the flatbed model over the turntable is that it can cook and cook foods more uniformly.

  • Is It Safe To Reheat Food In Plastic Containers In The Microwave?

It is generally safe to heat food in plastic containers using the microwave. But, it is crucial to ensure that the container is marked with “microwave to cook time and power level”.

  • What Is The Best Wattage For A Microwave?

The wattage of a microwave can vary based on the kind of microwave and its dimensions. Ideally, the ideal power for a small countertop microwave oven is 1000W-900W. This cooks your food more quickly, but it will also cook them more evenly.

  • How Long Do Microwaves Last?

The average lifespan of microwaves is between five and eight years. Some are more durable. However, you will probably require replacing a microwave every ten years. But, the time frame depends on how frequently your appliance is used and how you make use of it.

If you are using the oven regularly and expose the oven to severe handling, and don’t maintain it frequently, do not be shocked when the appliance is out of commission in a matter of years.

It is also a given that the microwave must be used with a suitable electrical outlet. Microwaves are extremely powerful and could cause fire hazards when connected to extension cords.

  • Do Microwaves Need A Vent?

The answer is that it’s a matter of preference. Certain microwaves come with built-in ventilation, eliminating cooking smells and cooling the appliance. This is especially the case when you are using smaller microwaves.

If you have an enormous oven in the kitchen and you cook a lot of food frequently, it’s good to create an extra vent for your oven. This is crucial to ensure that your home doesn’t be suffocated by the scent of food, which can cause a lot of discomforts.

  • What Is The Difference Between A Countertop And A Built-In Microwave?

Countertop microwaves are the best choice when limited in available space for your kitchen. On the other hand, built-in microwaves can fit within cabinets or underneath the counter. Built-in microwaves generally provide more storage space than countertop models.

  • What Is The Best Microwave Under $100?
  1. AmazonBasics Microwave– The best aspect of this oven is its smart home integration. The Alexa Voice function is a new feature from Amazon which allows you to instruct your oven. Simply speak Alexa to reheat the pasta bowl, and it will work alongside an echo device that will follow the instructions you give it.
  2. Farberware FMO11AHTBKN has a wattage of 1000, which is perfect for fast microwaving. A boost in wattage can improve the time of cooking. It’s red with an elegant metallic front and digital controls that give the device a stylish appearance.
  3. Panasonic NN-SB458S polished stainless steel and silver finish provides a modern look. Its small size makes it easy to locate an appropriate spot in your kitchen, as it can be put on any clean and safe surface without causing any damage to it.
  • Are Expensive Microwaves Worth It?

If you’re searching for a top-quality countertop microwave, you’ll need to budget between $150 to $200. A top-quality microwave oven is likely to have a huge volume, a large capacity, and options. But the fact that something is costly does not mean it’s excellent.

  • What Is The Difference Between A Digital And Manual Microwave?

A digital microwave comes with buttons marked with various functions, such as “popcorn” or “defrost”. Manual microwaves come with knobs that must be turned to adjust the cooking time and the power level.

  • Is it worth investing in an oven with a grill?

Yes, it is worth the price. The microwave with grill speeds up and enhances the performance of the heating elements that are the main source. Making food using microwaves with a grill produces better tasting outcomes.

It is important to realize that microwave ovens with this feature use much more energy and require a significant amount of space.

  • What Is The Smallest Size For Microwave?

When it comes down to picking the smaller microwave, The market is filled with possibilities. We recommend getting a minimum of 0.5 cubic inches in size. This option takes up little space in your kitchen and cooks or heats your food in a short time.

  • Are There Any Cheap Microwaves Under 30 Dollars

Unfortunately, NO. Price ranges from $60 to $100 for the most affordable microwaves.

  • What Are Some Tips For Cooking With A Microwave?

When using a microwave for cooking, it is essential to remember that not all meals can be cooked in this kind of oven. There are many options for fruit, vegetables, fish or chicken, and ground beef.

It is essential to make sure you use the right liquids, such as water, while cooking in the microwave. Too much liquid could cause food to boil and cause an unintentional mess.

  • What Brand Of Microwave Lasts The Longest?

The microwave brand which lasts the longest is Panasonic. Panasonic is more durable in its design than the other models, which means they last longer. this brand also offer best microwave under $100.

They also offer many features for their microwaves, which means you can use them for everything from cooking to freezing.

  • What are the foods you should not heat?

Eggs: They may explode when heated.

Processed Meat: They are a source of preservatives and chemical compounds that can create cholesterol oxide and cause heart disease.

Chilies: The capsaicin contained in the chilies could vaporize in the air, causing your throat and eyes to become burned.

Breastmilk: To ensure your child’s safety because of the uneven heating.

Pasta Sauce: It splatters in the microwave because of its thickness.

Grapes: They may spark and ignite.

Plain Water: It is possible to microwave the water, but it may be “over boiled” and erupt with a blaze that causes burning and scalding.

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