Best Flat Top Grills Reviews [2024 Top Picks]

Flat top grills, sometimes referred to as griddles, are grills for outdoor cooking with a wide, flat cooking surface. They are typically heated by gas burners, although some use pellets or charcoal. Since the cooking surface is solid, food is never close to the flame.

Additionally, the fat that tends to run through the grate open of a conventional grill and causes flare-ups stays on the grill until you pull it into an ice trap. Similar to the restaurant.

A flat top grill allows you to cook varieties of foods that could be cooked with a traditional grill because the solid surface prevents tiny food pieces from falling into the grill’s flames. Consider pancakes, fried rice, and eggs.

A flat top grill stores the grease in the cooking area in which it may accumulate. Transferring it to a grease cup is an integral part of the cooking process on a grill.

Since the flames don’t interfere with the food you cook, you don’t enjoy the smoky taste often sought-after when cooking outdoors.

Top 5 Best Flat Top Grills Reviews 2024:

Blackstone Griddle Cooking Station 1554 [Top Rated]

Our first pick is the highly sought-after Blackstone Flat-Top Grill 1554, with a huge cooking area. It also has a system to manage grease that makes cleaning simpler.

Flat top grills are great for removing fat and oils from meats. That’s the reason why a grease trap and grease trap are crucial.

There’s no need to clean up the mess of charcoal or kerosene as the Blackstone 1554 has an easy-to-ignite system. This blackstone flat top grill has 720 square inches of space. This is for everything cooked in the same manner as Teppanyaki.

There are four heat control zones to cook mass quantities and large meals with restaurant-style outcomes! This is the best flat top grill you should have in your kitchen.

28 Inch Blackstone Griddle [Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle 2 Burner]

The Blackstone 28 inches Flat Top Griddle is perfect to use daily and suitable for cooking every meal. The flat-top is durable, thick steel, but the body is constructed to last for a long time.

The space of 470 square inches for cooking space provides ample space for cooking an enormous meal or many diverse meals simultaneously.

With top-quality wheels and all the components made of steel, it’s effortless to move around your garden without fearing damage.

Two stainless steel burners are independently controlled. Each one produces an astonishing 15,000 BTUs. It’s a total of 30000 BTUs for this unit.

This flat grill top has a space to the propane tank that weighs 20lbs (sold as a separate item). It keeps it safe from pets, children, and other pedestrians.

The shelf for storage on the bottom can be helpful. I use it to keep all my cooking and cleaning tools.

If you’re looking for a larger model with more cooking space and a couple of additional sounds and bells, Blackstone also offers a 36-inch model. It also has a side-shelf equipped with a cutting board, too.

Finally, if you require an extra-portable unit, Blackstone makes those too. The 17″ model is ideal to use for tailgating!

Cuisinart Cgg 888 – Cuisinart 360° Griddle Cooking Center

Cuisinart has a deep bench of intelligently-designed cookware and appliances that deliver top-notch performance at reasonable price points. The flat-top gas grill illustrates why it is a brand with many delighted customers all over the world.

This grill is compact equipped with two burners that can provide heat rated at 30000 BTU. It is possible to adjust the temperature of each burner separately, which gives you more freedom to cook several dishes simultaneously and create hot and cool zones across the cooking space.

The temperature can be adjusted of this flat top grill between 200F and 550F, which gives you the ability to cook a broad range of your most loved BBQ dishes.

A 360-degree pan for grease helps ensure that all fat and grease during cooking is sucked out rather than accumulated.

If you’re not fond of assembly tasks, you need the grill in operation in no time. Give 30 to 45 minutes to set up.

A folding table is ideal for preparing meals or serving. This includes the baked paper towel holder, a small but valuable addition.

The lid made of stainless steel on the grill has a vent that allows you to use it for roasting, steam, or smoking food items and keep them warm before serving.

There were very few complaints regarding this grill, however. We cannot say the same thing about Cuisinart’s performance control.

Several unhappy customers have reported having damaged grills. So we recommend making sure you scrutinize your package when you receive it.

You can purchase with total trust here since an extensive 3-year warranty protects this best flat top grill.

Le Griddle 30-Inch Griddle Top Built-In

If you’re searching for high premium outdoor flat-top grills and griddles, All Le Griddle products should be thought of for your outdoor kitchen or restaurant.

The grill that they offer measures 30 inches across the cooking surface. It is made from a combination of stainless steel and cast iron underplate. The dual-material design ensures uniform and constant heat on the cooking surface each time you switch the grill.

Le Griddle products come with the option of being heated with electricity or gas, and both work equally well. Furthermore, they provide one burner grill, which is 16 inches wide, and three burner griddles that are 41″ wide.

Not to be left out, Le Griddle flat top grills can be used in three ways. They can be utilized as a tabletop griddle right out of the box, or they can be built into an individual kitchen setup, or a cart may be bought separately to make them stand-alone.

Royal Gourmet Pd1301s – Best Outdoor Gourmet Tabletop Griddle

Royal Gourmet is another brand that is a major player in this vertical. So what does this flat top grill appear?

In the first place, you’ll find an extremely portable grill. However, you’ll still get a huge surface for cooking that measures 316 square inches.

The flat porcelain-enameled griddle’s top can be a perfect base for your favorite breakfast foods and more.

Start the grill the first time, every time with a reliable, efficient piezo ignition system that is built into the grill.

When it’s lit, it will release an overall heat production of 25.500 BTU which means you’ll have plenty of firepower for your most-loved grill treats. There are three of them total, which allows you to distinct cooking zones to create the grill to adapt.

This light grill is an excellent option for tailgating or to use in your RV or at the camping site with such a tiny size. It’s not like other travel grills. However, you don’t have to sacrifice the cooking surface to be able to move it around.

This grill with a flat top is highly user-friendly and makes an ideal choice for novices and experienced grill masters alike.

Features To Look for Best Flat Top Grills [Buying Guide]

Area for cooking

One of the main reasons the flat-top grill is so popular is that it’s designed to resemble a griddle. However, it’s wired differently. Instead of the heating element being stretched across, it moves circularly.

This means that it effectively heats the entire cooking space. The heat radiates around and is reflected in every corner of the cooking space. Therefore, you can make use of each square inch.

Additionally, a flat-top grill is constructed of more steel than you’d normally see on grills. The various sizes allow you to accommodate different dimensions of gatherings.

For example, 600 square inches of grill could serve up to 100 people each hour. But, if you’re planning to prepare food for your smaller family, the grill size smaller than 400 sq inches would suffice.

Since the cooking area has a flat surface, it is possible to utilize it to cook almost anything, even meals that are batter-like, like pancakes. Since there aren’t grates to allow the batter to soak through.

Because the heat is evenly distributed, it is possible to fit more food items. It’s versatile and practical and also simple to wash. Does it come already seasoned?

Most flat grills are not seasoned grills. But it’s essential to do so. It aids in cooking your food without getting it stuck to the surface of your cooking.

It can also add flavor to the food you prepare. If the food is pre-seasoned, the maker has already applied the oil on top.

It may be pre-seasoned with cooking oil. This is done only to keep the grill from becoming rusty on the surface of cooking.

After you take the grill out of its packaging, when you take it out of the box, ensure that you clean the grill thoroughly and get rid of contaminants from the grill that was part of manufacturing.

It is crucial to determine whether or not the vehicle is already seasoned to determine its next step.

Then, you can season it by yourself, ensuring the proper flavor as you cook and preventing the meals from sticking to your cook surface. Keep in mind that, as using a cast iron pan, the flat grill becomes better over time. As you continue cooking on it and the more your grill gets seasoned.


Flat top grills are powered by gas or electricity. If it’s gas, it can be propane or natural gas. In general, gas grills are less expensive in comparison to electric grills.

However, it’s also contingent on the brand. Gas is generally preferred since it cooks faster than electric barbecues. The burners are placed beneath the cooking surface.


The best flat top grills usually come in four primary materials: stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, or ceramic. They differ in terms of durability, performance, as well as aesthetics.

Stainless steel: It is resistant to corrosion, and rust stainless steel is an excellent option for outdoor and indoor use. One of the most attractive options for kitchen appliances, such as a stainless steel grill, can bring elegance to your outdoor kitchen or patio and complement existing appliances made of the same material.

Aluminum: The casting of aluminum makes a solid base that is heavy enough to ensure that the grill stays stable and in place when cooking. It’s not as attractive as stainless steel; aluminum is more likely to be flat top grills that cook and store away when not used. Aluminum is the lightest choice and is an excellent material for grills that can be carried around.

Cast iron: Durable cast iron offers a solid foundation that doesn’t be able to flex under extreme temperatures. It also transmits heat directly, which is an excellent characteristic of cooking food. However, this material might be challenging to move, and it can cause corrosion more quickly than other materials.

Ceramic: The heavy ceramic flat top grills hold the heat well. However, this chip and chip-prone material require more TLC than more rigid materials.

Heat Output and Control

The heat output measurement is dependent on the grill’s power source. The specifications on electric models list the power output in Watts. Gas models indicate the heat produced by British Thermal Units (BTUs).

While most electric griddles run with around 1,200 watts of power, bigger models require more than 1,500 watts. This is the highest power output for the standard 115-volt outlet.

The amount of heat produced by gas flat tops can vary greatly dependent on the dimensions. The smallest propane griddles with two burners generate approximately 20.000 BTUs of heat. Larger flat top grills designed for restaurant use with more than four burners can produce nearly 50,000 BTUs.

Electric grill masters manage the heat output using an analog dial with precise temperature readings, typically varying between 200 and 450 degrees. Gas flat top grills come with knobs that permit the user to regulate the flame’s height, as does the gas range or grill.


Small flat top grills are weighed between 1 to 20 pounds. Gas-fueled full-size grills can weigh more than 100 pounds. Even tabletop grills can get heavy.

In the case of weight, you might want an item with built-in handles to allow for a more comfortable carry. Certain freestanding grills come with legs that fold down, making them easy to put away in a garage or in the rear of your car.

If you are thinking of moving an enormous freestanding grill from one end of the patio to the other, it is advised to consider a grill with one handle and wheels.

Certain grills have the appearance of two legs, one on each side and two wheels on the opposite side. The grill must be turned wheelbarrow-style to transfer it from one place to another location. There is a wheel on each leg that grill cooks can lock to ensure that the grill is fixed when it is in use.


When seeking the best flat top grill, the most crucial thing to think about is cost. A few bigger grills can be quite expensive and may not be within your budget. But, there are flat top grills that are available in every budget!

Types of Flat Top Grills

If you are a beginner looking for the perfect flat top grill, you should first determine if gas or electric models will be the most suitable for your needs. You can narrow down the options by deciding on the best one.


Flat top grills with electric flat tops are typically smaller than traditional grills, are mainly used as tabletop kitchen appliances.

They are generally smoke-free and generate the normal steam from cooking. Electric grills are used indoors and outdoors, while gas grills designed for outdoor use come with bigger, more powerful options.

Although electric grills aren’t able to reach the same temperature as gas grills, they distribute heat evenly throughout the cooking space. Electric grills are generally less expensive than gas grills and less expensive.


Flat top grills powered by gas typically operate on propane and offer the same potential for high-temperature as any other grill.

However, since they generate carbon monoxide, they can only be operated outdoors. It is unsafe to breathe, and this chemical byproduct rapidly becomes dangerous in enclosed areas.

Small gas-powered grills are great companions for picnics, camping, and other outdoor activities since they do not require electricity.

Larger freestanding models dominate backyard cooking. In any capacity, grills that are left outdoors require an enclosure when they are not used to guard against elements.

Grill vs. Griddle: How Do You Tell The Two Apart?

One major difference between a grill (not a flat-top one) and a skillet is that the griddles are flat, whereas grills typically feature grates. Grills are constructed of raised edges.

On the other hand, the griddle is a flat cooking surface that is similar to pans. The ridges let food juices flow down the grill, creating a different smoky taste.

The griddle’s flat surface allows you to cook more delicate meals like an omelet, pancake, or other foods that require flat surfaces. Grills are also typically operating at much more extreme temperatures than griddles.

A griddle produces food that appears baked or slow-roasted, whereas grills will provide food cooked at a greater temperature. It may also be adorned with grill marks.

Conclusion [Best Flat Top Grills]

If you’re seeking a stress-free way to cook for many people or desire more variety in your meals, flat top grills are ideal. They help incorporate all the juices and sauces into your meat, giving you the most delicious dishes.

In the top seven items on our list among the top seven products, the Blackstone 36-inch flat-top outdoor grill has the best features for its money.

In addition to four cooking zones that are independent and plenty of cooking space with easy cleanup and ample storage space.

FAQs about Best Flat Top Grills

What is the best oil to use for a flat top grill?

Cooking oil is a fantastic way to flavor your grill’s flat top. However, not all cooking oils are made equally. The most effective oil must be able to produce a large smoke point.

It is possible to use vegetable oils, oil from canola coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil. Choosing an oil with an extremely high smoke point is necessary since grilling demands extreme temperatures.

It is also essential to ensure that the oil has an abundance of fatty acids. They are more likely to bond with your cooking surfaces.

The most effective oil should be a good fit for your diet and provide the perfect flavor for your meals.

Who has the best flat top?

Blackstone creates and implements new and innovative methods to develop products that offer the most effective flat-top grills.

However, other brands such as Royal Gourmet or CampChef also produce top-of-the-line food products.

Are flat top grills a good choice?

Sure! They can cook a variety of recipes that can provide moments to share with your loved ones.

Easy cooking means simple cleaning! The materials of the most effective flat top grills have been designed to ensure cleanliness.

What is the food you can make on a flat top grill?

The main distinction between a flat-top grill and a traditional grill with grates is that you don’t have any sear lines with the flat top. Since there’s more contact with food items that cook with a flat surface, it is recommended to cook foods that need the deepest, most uniform caramelization. Burgers are fantastic on a traditional barbecue.

However, they’re excellent on a flat-top as you’ll be able to get an additional dark crust that covers the exterior of the patties. You can cook any food item you’d like to cook on grill grates using the flat-top grill, but be aware that you’ll receive an extra dark crust on the patty.

Be aware that the larger cuts of fatter meat, like bacon, or skin-on chicken thighs, are more likely to render a lot of fat. However, not all grills on flat top have grease traps, making oil splatters reasonably frequent.

Fish is another meat cooked on a flat surface, and you should only cook it in cooler temperatures since it is a little more fragile.

You can also get an array of brunch items on your flat-top and cook eggs, pancakes, toast, French toast, and breakfast meals to make a great outdoor breakfast.

What is the top Camp Chef flat-top?

Camping Chef’s Flat Top FTG600 Grill is the ideal choice. It is a brand that has strong features that are essential for camping.

How can I prolong the longevity of cooking griddles?

Cooking grids are constructed out of cast iron, porcelain, and stainless steel. Each one has its technique to enhance the ability of griddling. For greater durability, it is essential to select stainless steel.

What is the highest, most rated grill?

It would help if you had the answers to this. Take a look at which grill has brought you delicious culinary suggestions.

How to season a flat top grill?

The one with the most endurance and stability is better than rated.

If you own a cast-iron flat-top grill, clean the grill thoroughly and turn it to high to get rid of any dirt.

Add a few drops of liquid, then carefully clean up (spread the towels with tongs). Repeat till the entire grill has been entirely covered, and oil will begin smoking in the grill.

If you have a flat-top stainless steel grill, wash the surface by using a grilling scraper to stay clear of cleaning products that may cause scratches. Then, you’ll season it the same way with a cast iron.

What is the best way to clean up a flat-top grill? how to clean flat top grill?

Cleaning a flat-top grill requires various methods, such as using soda, vinegar soap, chemicals, or soap. It all depends on whether you’re required in the beginning to wash your grill or protect it from corrosion.

Is a griddle more nutritious than grills?

A griddle isn’t much healthier than grills are. It is common for griddles to build up grease on their surface for cooking, While a grill lets the grease spill in the drain basin.

How nutritious a griddled or grilled meal is has much to do with the kind of food consumed, not its technique used to cook it. If you are looking to improve your healthy eating, think about grilling vegetables over a porterhouse steak.

How do I keep my flat top grill?

The griddle should be stored in a dry, cool location to keep rust at bay. If you’re keeping your grill for long periods, take off the top of the grill. Always put on a sturdy canvas cover to protect your grill.

This will stop dust, rust, and scratches from ruining your flat top grill. Avoid storing things in the top part of your grill. Avoid putting any pressure that is excessive onto the cart.

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