3 Potato 4 Review: Yummy or Crummy?

Three Potato Four Review:

I’m back with another Yummy or Crummy! For those who don’t know, this is a series I created to review food and restaurants I have wanted to try. Hope you guys enjoy this one because I waited a long time to try 3 Potato 4!

Ask me what I’m always craving, and you’ll find my answer 99% of the time is FRIES. I also have a weird obsession with trying anything vegan because I love vegan food and appreciate the vegan diet. So, when I discovered 3 Potato 4, which focuses on vegan baked fries, I was dying to try it out! Their fries are air baked rather than fried in oil, so they are healthier and also gluten-free and non-GMO.

There are three options to choose from for the type of potatoes, which include wedge cut, waffle cut, and rosemary redskins. There is an extremely long list of vegan sauces you can choose from for $1 each to dip your fries in. In addition to their regular fries, 3 Potato 4 has specialty fries, including garlic-baked fries, cheesy baked fries, and chili-baked fries. Being a garlic fries lover myself, there was no doubt I would be trying that too.

So, my friend and I went with regular-sized wedge-cut baked fries ($4.25), chipotle mayo and thai aioli, and an order of garlic baked fries ($6.25). Words cannot even describe my excitement in waiting for these fries to arrive at our table. It was a longer wait than usual for fries, but it makes sense because they are slowly baked to perfection. When the fries were placed in front of us, I was salivating like a dog waiting patiently for its owner to give them dinner.

Right off the bat, I appreciated that the garlic fries had actual chunks of garlic rather than being overloaded with garlic seasoning or powder. These baked fries were delicious and tasted just as good as fries cooked to a nice crunch in a pool of oil. The garlic was not underwhelming or overwhelming. I thought it was just right, and I could’ve eaten another order of this in that one sitting.

The wedge-cut baked fries were also so delicious! I love thick fries like these, and eating them felt good without having a bunch of oil accumulated on my fingers (or in my body, for that matter) once I was finished. The sauces were also really good, so I recommend trying them out.

I try chipotle mayo wherever I go because it’s one of my favorite sauces, especially to dip fries in. One can taste and see the difference in these sauces as they’re vegan, but I think it’s a good difference. It still has that kick, and I enjoyed it. The bar table we sat at had holes to place your fries cones in, and I thought that was so clever and cute!

Overall, I would say 3 Potato 4 is so so so yummy for those who appreciate and love vegan food! I recommend everyone try this because it is seriously comfort food gone healthy. After eating all of this, I did not feel guilty one bit, and I am craving it again from writing this three potato four review.

Some Reviews:

  • “I wish Philippines also has this kind of place. I really love french fries too! But I had to stop eating too much of it because it’s not cooked healthily. If only we have that place, eating french fries for me will be guilt free. ? – Angelica”
  • “Ohmygoodness, I love potatoes so much. I usually make my own fries just to curb my cravings, lol. This seems like a great place. Altough, to be honest, I found the name a bit confusing at first. Lol.”
  • “This is actually the first time I’ve heard of garlic baked fries and chili baked fries. I am so curious about the taste! – Gretchen Grace”
  • “I love fries too hahah so this post got me all hungry again. I just love them crispy and with a good sauce (+cheese and herbs: ofc!). Have a lovely week! Xx – Sophie”
  • “Potatoes are my number one comfort food. Those garlic fries looks and sounds so good. Guess whose having garlic fries for dinner ? – Nikki”
  • “IT LOOKS SO GOOD!!! I’m so bummed Pleasanton is 5 hours away from me, otherwise I’d drag myself over to get some of this potato goodness. – Eena”
  • “I love this idea! It’s a fun way for people who don’t live in your state to see what’s out there! Those garlic fries look amazing, I’m jealous, I totally want to try that place out!”
  • “Great review! XO – Kim”

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